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Other Ways to Help
There are lots of other ways to help the village:


Sponsor an event

Buy a Brick



Daffodils. Volunteer!

Even with just 30 minutes of time available, you can help in many ways.

Young or old, lots of time or not much, there's something that will really help:

Raking up.


  • Professional services
  • Grant writing
  • Business development
  • Communications
  • Help in the office
  • Cleanup
  • Jubilee workers
  • Other event assistants
  • Landscape efforts
Spring cleanup volunteers.
Spring Cleanup Volunteers
Tell us your talents, how much time you have, and we'll match you up with a helpful, satisfying way to help the community. To see how easy it is, contact our office directly. You can meet new people, make new friends, and help Main Street grow!
Summer flowers.
Summer Flower Management

Join the dozens of volunteers helping the revival of Lawrenceville Main Street and having fun doing it!

Contact the office for more information.

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