Lawrenceville Main Street, NJ.
Lawrenceville NJ.
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Streetscape Project

Old walks have been removed and new concrete laid.

New street lighting has been installed, with benches and bicycle racks added.

These improvements will make your visit to Lawrenceville Main Street even more enjoyable!

Smoothing sidewalk.
"I am excited about the partnership between Lawrence Township and Lawrenceville Main Street [in submitting] a successful application for federal funding... I would like this type of streetscape design to continue in other sections of U.S. Route 206 in Lawrence where commerical and residential areas share the same neighborhood." ~ Mayor Mark Holmes.

New sidewalk.Ribbon cutting.Streetlamp.
New sidewalks, new lighting, something to cut a ribbon about!

Lawrence Township has awarded a $201,782 contract for decorative streetlights and sidewalks, benches and bicycle racks in the historic Main Street area. Work includes new sidewalks and driveway aprons affecting Main Street and adjacent parts of other roads. This work has been enabled by a $275,000 Federal grant administered through the state Department of Transportation. Main Street and municipal initiatives were essential to planning this. This follows the repaving of Main Street completed earlier.

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