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Our bustling village features a variety of quality services that will attract you back for more!

Use our handy directory below to find anything from a great meal to an art class or a gift. We have a number of excellent professional offices too. But no glass and chrome buildings!

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(Phone numbers are area code 609 unless otherwise noted.) Feb.12-16

Acacia Restaurant
Allstate Insurance
Bambu Yoga
Bob's Auto Service
Buxton Monsport Real Estate
Chambers Walk Café & Catering
Cherry Grove Farm
Corks & Canvas
Curry Corner
Customs & Trade Solutions
Dentist - David J. Kim, DMD
DiMattia Chiropractic
Donna Barrese, DPM
Fedora's Café & Catering
George Pearson, Architect
Gingered Peach Bakery
Harvest Chapel
Hinkle, Fingles & Prior, Attys.
Howco Management
Hullfish Real Estate
Inn at Glencairn
iTi Tropicals
Kales Nursery & Landscaping
Lawrenceville Fire Co.
Lawrenceville Fuel
Lawrenceville Police Department
Lawrenceville Presbyterian Preschool
Lawrenceville School
Lawrenceville School Golf Club
Lawrence Township Education Foundation

Maidenhead Bagel
Mane Design
Maybelle Stables
Organize and Maintain
Podiatrist - Donna Barrese, DPM
Presbyterian Church
Princeton Law Group
Purple Cow Ice Cream
Richard's Salon
Ryder Environmental
St. Lawrence Rehab; Morris Hall; Morris Meadows
Sour Apple Realty
Temple Micah
Terhune Orchards
TGA of Mercer County
TJ's Pizzeria & Pasta
US Post Office
Vanderveer Design
Vidalia Restaurant
Village Barber
Village Cleaners
Village Counseling Services
Village Farms
V. J. Scozzari & Sons
Wealth Strategies
Wildflour Bakery-Cafe

Outside of Lawrenceville, but serving its residents:

Window World of Central Jersey

Businesses in bold are participating Business Members of Lawrenceville Main Street. Support these businesses!
Use a business's number to locate it on the map above.

Acacia Restaurant 8
Allstate Insurance 17
Bambu Yoga 13A
Bob's Auto Service *
Buxton Monsport Real Estate *
Chambers Walk Café 15
Cherry Grove Farm *
Corks & Canvas 26
Curry Corner 46
Customs and Trade Solutions 7
Dentist - David J. Kim, DMD 4
DiMattia Chiropractic 36
Fedora's Café 3
George Pearson 40
Gingered Peach Bakery 23
Harvest Chapel 35
Hinkle, Fingles, Prior 11
Howco Management 41
Inn at Glencairn *

iTi Tropicals 32-34
Kales Nursery & Landscaping *
Lawrenceville Elementary School *
Lawrenceville Presbyterian Prechool 53
Lawrenceville Fire Co. 35
Lawrenceville Fuel 29
Lawrenceville Police Department *
Lawrenceville School 51
Lawrenceville School Golf Club 55
Lawrence Twp Ed Fnd 49
Maidenhead Bagel 9
Mane Design 10
Maybelle Stables *
Organize and Maintain *
Podiatrist - Donna Barrese, DPM 4

Presbyterian Church 52
Princeton Law Group 31
Purple Cow Ice Cream 19
Richard's Salon 43
Ryder Environmental 28
Sour Apple Realty *
Starbucks 16
St. Lawrence Rehab; Morris Hall; Morris Meadows *
Temple Micah 55
TJ's Pizzeria 12
Terhune Orchards *
US Post Office 1
Vanderveer Design *
Vidalia Restaurant 47
Village Barber 24
Village Cleaners 20
Village Farms *
Village Counseling 30
V. J. Scozzari & Sons *
Wealth Strategies 25
Wildflour Bakery/Café' 22

* Some nearby business members are located outside our Main Street map. Consult their websites for information.

Restaurants.Our fine dining locations are included in our business lists on this page, but if you'd like more information about why Lawrenceville Main Street has become such a popular dining destination, please go here. We have something for every appetite!

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