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Weeden Park is located on Main Street (Route 206), adjacent to the Post Office. Ample parking is available in the several Main Street parking areas.

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Weeden Park.Weeden Park

The quiet, shady patch of land, just west of the Craven Lane post office on Main Street, memorable for its white gazebo, is Weeden Park.

Owned by The Lawrenceville School, it is maintained by Lawrenceville Main Street, with support from the School. It is named for an early advocate of downtown improvements, Chuck Weeden.

Music in the Park.Lawrenceville Main Street has elevated the visibility of the park through recurring events, such as the Village Picnic and the Music in the Park concert series. However, the park generally serves as a peaceful haven for local residents, students and shoppers who simply want to sit and relax.

Weeden Park can be rented for certain purposes. See details.

Dedication of Weeden Park From left to right: Mary Weeden, Jared Weeden and Michael Cary, Head Master of The Lawrenceville School, at the dedication of Weeden Park in 1999.


Chuck Weeden, a master teacher and inspiring sports coach at the Lawrenceville School, attended Princeton University as a member of the class of 1951. In Korea, Chuck was a Marine rifle platoon leader and won a Bronze Star.

Today, residents and visitors enjoy the beauty and events of this fine community memorial.

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