Lawrenceville Main Street, NJ.
Lawrenceville NJ.
Lawrenceville NJ Main Street, fine living, dining, visiting.

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The Vicinity

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A Tour of the Village

  • Lawschoolgate
    Approaching the Village on Main Street, the Lawrenceville School is prominent.
  • Lawschoolfence
    Lawrenceville School's historic buildings and impressive fence along Main St.
  • Musicpark
    Weeden Park on Main Street, great for concerts, events, and general relaxation.
  • Acaciaflowers
    In season, the village is decorated with flowers that please the eye.
  • Gordonmainmerchantsign
    Directional signs point to businesses and off-street parking.
  • Barberbakery
    A wonderful Bakery and a great Barber share a quaint old building. Stop in!
  • Baker
    Fine and fresh bake goods produced on site daily. Enjoy with a cup of coffee!
  • Peggysuekidsparty
    Kids parties can be accommodated. The Village is a friendly place for all ages!
  • Restaurantsignmosaic
    Great dining makes Lawrenceville Main Street a premier dining destination.
  • Acaciadiningrm
    Outstanding, innovative American cuisine. A real find!
  • Lawinn
    Historic home, cozy dining areas, with American, French and Asian delights.
  • Lawinndiningrm
    A quaint dining experience, with fine food and attentive staff.
  • Chambers
    Delightful cafe, great atmosphere for a quick bite or conversation. Catering too!
  • Vidalia
    Renowned Italian cooking in a delightful setting.
  • Vidaliadiningrm
    Attentive to all needs. It's part of the special Lawrenceville Main Street charm!
  • Hulahoop
    Village celebrations such as Jubilee are fun for all ages.
  • Scarecrows
    Seasonal decorations make Lawrenceville Main Street a changing delight.



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