Lawrenceville Main Street, NJ.
Lawrenceville NJ.
Lawrenceville NJ Main Street, fine living, dining, visiting.

Did you know that over 25% of the land in Lawrence Township is preserved open space? Aside from fine housing and shopping, we have farms, orchards and parkland!

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Main Street Village



Enhance your visit to Lawrenceville Main Street by enjoying other great attractions in the vicinity. All within easy walking or a short ride!

  • Floral
    Summer flowers grace the side streets.
  • Nearby walks
    Walk on the path of a former trolley line, or follow the Lawrence-Hopewell Trail.
  • Parks
    Enjoy our Weeden Park, or Village Park up the road.
  • Mercerrosedale
    Above Village Park, visit the large Mercer County Park NW, and Rosedale Park.
  • Fire house.
    We have a great fire company with modern equipment.
  • Lawrenceville School
    Just across the street is the famous Lawrenceville School with its beautiful campus.
  • Presbyterian church
    Visit the historic church and respect the old graves.
  • Elementary School
    Lawrenceville Elementary School.
  • Rider & Princeton
    Rider University, one mile south. Princeton University, 8 miles north.
  • Terhune
    Nearby orchards and farms delight the eye and the soul!

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