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Then and Now

By the mid nineties, without community organization and in the face of big-box and mall competition, the historic village of Lawrenceville was faced with empty storefronts and a sense of loss:

Closed Lawrenceville Hardware.   Closed up.

With the stirring of community initiative and the advent of Lawrenceville's Main Street organization, old buildings were pulled down or renovated:

Demolition.  Hauling.

Other levels of government, from township to state, joined in, making roadway and infrastructure improvements.

Highway improvements.

Front. Fedora. Chambers walk building. New building.

Today, with sidewalks and parking enhanced, volunteers and merchants mobilized, and regular community events scheduled, new buildings are on the scene, old ones are improved, and a sense of bustling progress and community focus are at hand.

Lawrenceville Main Street is pleased to have been a catalyst for this progress, and continues expanding its efforts to further build the historic village and the greater township of Lawrence as well.

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