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Lawrenceville Schoo Gate.lLawrenceville School -- Dedicated Partner and Leader

Lawrenceville Main Street is fortunate in having the respected Lawrenceville School as our neighbor across the street. Sharing the historic road, we share common values, and the School is an enviable partner in Main Street's rebirth and progress.

While often appreciated for the gracious architecture of its 700 acre campus (Frederick Law Olmsted designed the famous "Circle, now a National Historic Landmark), the School's commitment to the development of people and the quality of their works is reflected in the School's efforts on behalf of the Main Street community.

Lawrenceville School Logo.Aside from demonstrating strong encouragement and ideas, Lawrenceville School has provided a number of highly useful resources to the Main Street program. It generously allowed Main Street to develop Weeden park and supports its landscaping needs. It provides office space to Main Street, and often offers its campus facilities for events.

Springfest, for the community.
Big Red Race.
Big Red Race is an annual event to benefit the community.


Students and parents at the School develop a fondness for the community, and are often found assisting our efforts, while the students are a vibrant addition to our facilities and walkways.

If Progress requires Partnership, Lawrenceville School has been unwavering in its encouragement, its contributions, and its community spirit. A street rich in history is rich in partnership and common bonds.

For more information about the Lawrenceville School, visit its web site or our History page.

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